Monday, November 9, 2009

New Updates

I have been so busy lately that i havent had the time to post any blogs shame on me uh.. anyways we took family pictures i will post below i just havent taken any pics of hailey in a while but she will turn 1 next month i cant believe it then christmas is right around the corner so there will be more then, anyways hailey is pulling herself up to things she is also taking her lion she rides and pulling her self up to couches and other stuff and leaping to things so i think anytime now she will start to walk. and she knows the WORD NO-NO already oh boy is all i have to say..

As for coby he is doing great in first grade he loves going to school he says: MOM CAN I GO TO SCHOOL TODAY even if its saturday or sunday how funny is that LOL... He will be also turning 7 next month too..

Andrew is doing great he is going to preschool and getting ready for kindergarden next yr WOW i cant believe it already time sure is going bye fast..

Christian just started going to preschool and loves it lot..

and as for mark he is doing great loves his job and just trys to do the best he can to provide for his family..

well thats all for now until next month take care...